Clearing through some possessions, my mother found a stack of old books of mine in a cupboard somewhere, and gave them to me to sort out. I put it off for a few days, and originally planned to discard those books from my childhood, however, I could not help but to flick through them, and this entry from a journal, written when I was twelve during the hell of secondary school, stood out to me:

Tuesday 9th December 1997

In the morning I didn’t feel too good! On Monday I had been coughing and snez sneezing like hell! I was hoping that I didn’t have to go into school today, so any tickle in my throat turned into a cough! My mum waved me off, then I started to cry! I didn’t feel to [sic] good plus I was going to miss mum. She said she would drop me off at school on her way to C—r.

At school that idiot, C. Keston1, was still hitting me, strangling and threatening me to do stuff in his favour!

Later on in Library lessons me and Mrs Stevens spent half an hour looking for the perfect book.

Nothing much happened in maths apart from seing seeing a hovercraft in Philip Morants school field.

Then woodtech lesson! Another the confrontation with the fat Welshman who can’t teach without giving a detention!

It was my turn! Edward and I were having an argument which with Rh Richard. Sir walked in. He saw me and and Edward messing around so he said “YOU!” We immediately froze, stopped talking. Then Edward said “He’s a bit frisky!” Then sir looked at me. “YOU COME BACK TOMMORROW! DON’T FORGET!” I was insulted a detention for not doing anything. He was the one that forgot last time!

I seem to be getting worse friends with Miss Guy2 every day. Today we didn’t even say bye!

I don’t know there is not a person in the world I can really call a friend!

Maybe I’ll make a REALLY good friend one day!


R—s M x x

1 This kid bullied me for two-and-a-half years, until, after my parents visited the school numerous times, he was moved to another class.

2 Miss Guy was the school librarian. Every day after school I would go to the library to wait for my bus, and we would talk, etc. I considered her a friend, but our friendship was somewhat tumultuous.