A part of certain sunshine
fell & I saw it
! hymns, hosanna !
through the barely there pine tree

it landed & reclines to doze
with the bullet-wounds of a
schefflera & lampshade,
spat on bedroom wall. Cords of

a blind caroused about
each other
all bleached enough
for Norse — ‘sun!’

while winter’s stuffy figurines
leapt up to take notice,
bear their breast & salivate
with lips & tiny arteries.

For a warmth moment
the oil portrait glowed:
(in textured echoes
of martens too fought to play)

her facial expression clutching
a collarbone, upon
the dinnertable gazed or
through the scent of leaves glad.

Sooner we abrupted coats
about our shoulders
& fled into it — throngs — smiling,
leaving windows cracked.