Come is a verb, cum the noun
the adjective of her cunt is likely come
to do & pronounce in radiator ‘s heat

the masculine-cum-feminine comes between neutral’s
com one bed away from wall — our neighbour’s moan.

Red lamps obscured by lingering nude limbs
of last summer’s trees determine spread leg’s
exposure of muscle & exit – for we breathless

who scratch & squeeze ,primp , interject—

! I ’ M C O M I N G !

pierce the stuttering boiler
of lungful pants to
coerce suffix hips over

preposition hot skin
, as dark eyelashes
fanned iliac’s crest —

came a comely the conjunction
what violent hand & tongue
lashed out over our lips, (
first hers then mine )behind
our teeth, like new words
exchanged spoken like first

woman & man
in new lands ;

sung the words we listened into us
among the silence of her flat with me.